Sliding door wardrobes "Domino"

Sliding doors wardrobe "Domino" is a very modern look. Increasing of thickness in body frame of wardrobe (50mm) and sliding system of door in the same colour of other parts of wardrobe give a big adventages to this product, and make a big differ from other sliding doors wardrobes, proposed on the market. The wardrobes could have 2,3 or 4 doors in defferent width of wardrobes.


2-d-dvery     3-d-dvery     4-d-dvery

Gallery of sliding door wardrobes "Domino"

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Dimensions of sliding door wardrobes:

  Width: 1200, 1500, 1800, 2220, 2400, 2626.

  High: 2200, 2400.

  Depth: 450, 600.

  Sliding door system: aluminium (color), aluminium.

  Sliding door wardrobes fronts:  PWS, mirror, mirror (sand jet), photoprint.

  Additional options: stoppers, brush fixer for sliding door system.

  Colour of wardrobe body frame:   marple,   wenge.


Sliding door wardrobe with depth 450mm includes sliding hanger, wardrobes with depth 600mm includes hanging rod.

Dimensiond of sliding door body frames "Domino"

dd-1-s dd-2-s dd-3-s
dd-4-s dd-5-s dd-6-s
Type of fronts of sliding door wardrobes "Domino"

PWS plates.

        K   Vn        
        marple   wenge        

Rattan. (aluminium, aluminium (color)). 

      r ber  
  wenge   oak light   bergamo  



Miror (sand jet).

23-17   50   33   101   0378   119


1034   116   200   102   1035   125


        234   397        


  222-L 222-R   315-L 315-R   214-L 214-R


  2162-L 2162-R   725-L 725-R   730-L 730-R


  724-L 724-R   722-L 722-R   720-L 720-R


  341-L 341-R   329-L 329-R   472-L 472-R


  1096-L 1096-R   43-L 43-R   218-L 218-R


  0207-L 0207-R   0580-L 0580-R   308-L 308-R


  212-L 212-R   1023-L 1023-R   1205-L 1205-R


  0624-L 0624-R   48-L 48-R   10-6-L 10-6-R


77-L 77-R   0640-L 0640-R   20-16-L 20-16-S 20-16-R


  3053-L 3053-S 3053-R   728-L 728-S 728-R


  4012-L 4012-SL 4012-SR 4012-R  


  F102   F103   F70  


  F504L F504R   F924L F924R   F725L F725R


  F147L F147R   F31L F31R   F413L F413R


  F1228L F1228R   F986L F986R   F276L F276R


  F723L F723R   F721L F721R   F1000L F1000R


  F711L F711R   F561L F561R   F1097L F1097R


  F348R F348S F348R   F194L F194S F194R


  F23L F23S F23R   F1185L F1185S F1185R


  F237L F237S F237R   F256L F256S F256R


  F708L F708S F708R   F514L F514S F514R


  F17L F17S F17R   F020L F020S F020R


  F44L F44S F44R   F370L F370S F370R


  F694L F694S F694R   F686L F686S F686R


  F799L F799S F799R   F1444L F1444S F1444R


  F340L F340SL F340SR F340R  


  F786L F786SL F786SR F786R


  F992L F992SL F992SR F992R


  F699L F699SL F699SR F699R


  F805L F805SL F805SR F805R


  F486L F486SL F486SR F486R


  F462L F462SL F462SR F462R


  F185L F185SL F185SR F185R


  F907L F907SL F907SR F907R


  F651L F651SL F651SR F651R


  965 L 965 sl 965 sr 965 r
  F965L F965SL F965SR F965R
Colours of sliding door body frames "Domino"

        K   Vn        
        marple   wenge        
domino 2400